With the endless variety of software solutions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, even paralyzed, spending too much time and money to figure it all out. Our platform provides a simplified single platform for you and your clients. 


advisor portal


Virtually everything that we offer is unified into a single advisor web portal and the data can be easily integrated into other technology solutions for your practice.

  • Access sales materials, portfolio model information, forms, as well as all other needed client resources  
  • Order professionally printed materials that are branded to your practice
  • Submit new business, account services, and case design requests to our team
  • Navigate our training guides and resources
  • Easily find analytics and reporting on your book of business
  • Create client web portal access that is customized to your brand
  • Access client account details and generate a variety of client reports

client access


A simple and easy-to-use client web experience that includes:

  • A variety of on-demand reports
  • Holdings and asset class reports
  • A flexible document vault
  • Household and account level information and access
  • Performance and benchmark detail