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Advisory Alpha delivers its services, tools, and resources through a select network of independent financial advisory firms across the country.  We are committed to providing you with comprehensive support, which to us means including the services offered by skilled independent financial advisors. Through this unique partnership, our collective team delivers comprehensive financial planning, holistic investment management, and retirement income strategies.  We are dedicated to you every step of the way, providing financial clarity and solutions designed around your priorities and goals.

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Your dedicated financial advisor is your single point of contact for all of your financial matters and seamlessly coordinates the many components of your wealth management plan.  They help you build, maintain, and evolve your financial plan which integrates a comprehensive set of financial planning considerations. One of our greatest strengths is the collaborative team of specialists that are assembled to serve and support each client. 

  • Our coordinated network results in a unified solution enabling you to focus on what is most important to you.

  • By overseeing your entire financial picture, your dedicated financial advisor maintains a deep understanding and awareness of your entire financial life to provide you with clarity and simplification.

  • Our partner organizations combine the credibility of globally-recognized financial firs with local, independent partners working in conjunction for you.

  • Each organization involved with your portfolio has clearly defined roles and responsibilities providing accountability and clarity.

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We serve as a fiduciary at all times and for all aspects of our relationship.  Although our recommendations need to be suitable for your situation, we are held to a higher standard.

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We typically are not compensated by commissions but rather, we charge a fee for our services.  We strive to remove any conflicts of interest and provide the best advice possible regardless of compensation. 

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We bring an independent perspective to help avoid emotionally driven financial decisions.

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We diligently serve as your comprehensive financial planner with clearly-defined and easy-to understand responsibilities.

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We are not owned or controlled by any other entity and seek to implement the best possible solutions for our clients.

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We help you anticipate and prepare for the evolution of your financial plan including even those unanticipated transitions. 

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We will help bring order and simplification to your financial life.

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We work collectively in concert with you, not just for you.

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We will help you follow through on your financial plan, decisions, and commitments.

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We are responsible for finding the strategies and insight needed to help you succeed. 

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Our approach is not centered on specific financial products, but on solutions.  Financial planning extends beyond investments and should include any factor that can impact your financial situation.  Not every financial services firm takes such a broad view.  Although our firm does not necessarily deliver all of these services, we seamlessly integrate them into your financial plan.  By considering the impact of your financial decisions across all of these areas, our goal is to remove any unnecessary risk, prevent costly mistakes, and help you efficiently reach your goals.

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Formulate a complete retirement income plan that includes social security optimization, longevity risk management and structured withdrawal strategies.

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Proactively manage the tax implications of your wealth management plan through asset location, tax diversification strategies, tax loss harvesting and Roth conversation strategies.   

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Manage your portfolio’s asset class exposures, investment due diligence and rebalancing process with the goal of minimizing costs, maximizing total return, and structuring your financial resources to keep you on track toward your goals.           

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Comprehensively evaluate your long-term care needs, liability coverage, and healthcare situation to ensure these risks are properly addressed through intentional insurance planning.

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LEGACY & ESTATE PLANNING                                                           Implement wealth transfer, generational planning, and stretch strategies that strive to reduce estate planning costs and taxes as well as maximize the after-tax wealth transferred to your beneficiaries.   

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If you are interested in learning more about working with Advisory Alpha, please contact your financial advisor.  If you are not currently working with a financial advisor, please call us at 866-530-1400.