With the endless variety of software choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, even paralyzed, spending too much time and money to figure it all out.  Our platform includes core technologies that you depend on in your practice as well as flexible integrations with common independent software solutions.

Advisor Squared is our proprietary technology platform optimized around our advisor partners.  Virtually everything that we offer is unified into this single portal with the goal of simplifying your efforts.

Branding Platform

The branding automation platform provides you with easy-to-use-access to an inventory of client-facing materials that are tailored to your brand identity as well as optional point-and-click professional print functionality.

Resource Platform

The resource platform is intuitively organized into key topic areas which allows you to seamlessly access client materials, forms, portfolio detail, training guides, videos, and various other items for your practice.

Submission Platform

Our submission platform allows you to securely submit New Business, Service Requests, Case Design, and Compliance requests as well as efficiently track and permanently retain your submission history.

Account Access Platform

Our account access platform allows you to view analytics and reporting on your book of business, access client account detail, generate a variety of client reports, household clients together, and create web portal logins for your clients.

Integrated Third Party Technologies

  • Web File Management
  • Website Management
  • Password Manager
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Marketing Dashboard
  • Compliance Monitoring & Archiving

Our integrated client web experience is simple and easy-to-use for clients and extends data from financial institutions to provide added functionality.

  • Household, client, and account-level access
  • Aggregation of all client accounts
  • Cash flow detail over multiple time periods
  • Diversification and asset class detail
  • Detailed return information over multiple time periods
  • Flexible document vault