Our comprehensive client analysis, planning, and proposal infrastructure is designed to structure and systematize your planning and presentation process. This delivers an additional layer of expertise, reduces your team’s workload, and results in exceptional presentation materials to help you close business.

Our sales process and case design infrastructure can be easily and systematically deployed by your team.  These systems and resources are directly integrated with our technology and investment philosophies which provides you with seamless messaging and efficiency.

Portfolio Analysis Report

This report compares a prospect’s current portfolio to a set of proposed strategies, clearly demonstrating various portfolio enhancements.

Financial Projection

A concise financial planning tool that incorporates income sources, contributions, withdrawal needs, and investable assets, as well as an integrated Monte Carlo simulation.

Quadrant Plan Proposal

This simple portfolio summary displays four distinct purposes of a current and proposed portfolio allocation to illustrate the power of strategy-level diversification.

Asset Plan

This concise report simplistically and visually diagrams the client’s current accounts relative to the proposed recommendations.

401(k) Analysis

A variety of retirement plan-specific analysis tools including a fee analysis, plan contribution analysis, and fund due diligence reporting.

Fund Scorecard

This fund analyzer compares various fiduciary attributes of client fund holdings against those of appropriate peer groups to identify necessary improvements.

Bond Analysis

A summary report outlining key risks and characteristics of portfolios containing individual bond holdings.